Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pete Rose Legacy Case Break (A Dozen Roses)

I'm not a case-breaking kind of guy, but I couldn't resist this one, being a Pete Rose fan since age 4.  I justified it by calling it an early birthday and christmas present combined.  Each box has 5 base cards and 1 autograph. Here's what I got:

Four base autographs each numbered to 30.  These are the worst you can get, and as far as just liking the looks of the card, I think these are my favorite.

An inscribed autograph (numbered to 10):

Three relic cards.  One solid white jersey (numbered to 10) and two bat (one numbered to 10 and one numbered to 5).  Each with an inscription, although on that first one, it looks like 4,206 instead of 4,256 (which kind of bugs me).  I guess if I had to sign 3,600 cards, I would get a little sloppy too.

One "Rose-ism", numbered to 10.  A paraphrase of  his quote, "Somebody's gotta win and somebody's gotta lose, and I believe in letting the other guy lose"

One from a subset called "Outside the Lines" with a quote about his father (numbered to 5)

One from the "Career Highlights" subset.  This one highlights the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award he won in 1969 (numbered to 10).

One autographed printing plate (1/1):

And one unsigned priting plate (1/1).  I got this one as an extra card in a box along with the 5 base cards and the autograph:

And finally, one short printed reverse negative card.

The base set is 60 cards.  I received 59/60 in the case (no duplicates).  The reverse negative short print was inserted in place of what I would assume was the last card I needed for the set.

All in all, I'm extrememly happy with the case.  If I had the money to blow, I would probably get another one.

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